Luxury Real Estate Maintenance Services
Luxury Real Estate Maintenance Services

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Riverside, Ct.

" I am so grateful we were referred to Luxury Real Estate Services. Since we are not residents of CT, it was invaluable to have such a reliable team handling our property's home maintenance. They were always quick to respond, address problems and provide handyman services and solutions at a reasonable rate. Thank you Andrew and everyone at Luxury Real Estate Services  for providing outstanding service! Brianna & David Riverside, Ct.

Greenwich, Ct.

"When a need arises for discreet, efficient, and complete Real Estate Home Maintenance Service Luxury Real Estate Services has always exceeded our expectations. The owner is very knowledgeable, his staff friendly and experienced. This is your one call to get it all done and to insure proper up-keep moving forward! My wife and I are very happy with their services!" Confidential Greenwich, Ct. 

Ridgefield, Ct.

"Finally, a home repair and estate management company that runs itself like a true business! They return your calls promptly, they come on time, when scheduled with the right people and tools. They are skilled, courteous, clean and clever - they don't come up with the most expensive solution to every problem. Rather, they are creative and practical. After hiring them for some maintenance and repair work, I engaged them to act as estate manager. I don't live on an estate, but even regular homeowners can use their maintenance plan. Life definitely got less complicated. I can't recommend them highly enough. Marla P., Ridgefield, CT." Marla P., Ridgefield, CT

New Canaan, Ct.

" Great service and a reliable company producing a wonderful finished product. They perform all the handyman services on our weekend home in New Canaan. Steve & Jo New Canaan, Ct.

Old Greenwich, Ct.

"Wonderful personalized and always happy to provide needs. The owner is someone I could be friends with." Fred Bernstein Old Greenwich, Ct.

Darien, Ct.

We only use our Greenwich home about a dozen weekends a year but are confident in knowing it is properly maintained since we hired Luxury Real Estate Maintenance Services to look after it! The bonus being they have cut our home maintenance costs by almost 30% by re-negotiating service contracts oil and propane contracts etc.. Can't thank them enough! Jim & Liz Greenwich, Ct.

About Us

Complete Property Maintenance


We provide complete Real Estate maintenance services as well as carpentry, painting, power washing, chimney repairs, deep cleaning services and air duct cleaning services! We specialize in getting homes ready "For Sale" As your property maintenance company, we deal with the issues, handle seasonal maintenance and repairs and home improvement and are on cal 24/7 for emergency service.  You get peace of mind knowing your luxury real estate investment is in good hands. 

24/7 Emergency Service


  We are a fully licensed and insured Home Improvement Contractor we provide 24/7 availability to our clients we manage and maintain your fine home or estate. We provide complete Luxury Real Estate Repair & Maintenance Services.  Including, professional carpentry & painting services! We offer  

low hourly fees to maintain your home with monthly programs starting at $249.00 a month which includes  our experienced staff and 24/7 availability.  We are on call 24/7 giving our clients peace of mind. 

Luxury Real Estate Maintenance


With over 4 decades of experience maintaining Fairfield & Westchester County's finest homes we have the knowledge, skills and abilities to properly maintain yours. We excel at cutting costs and reducing "price creep" and overlap on large properties. We have the resources to find you the best value for the service you need the most. If you have questions about our affordable Luxury Property and Home Maintenance services in Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan and surrounding communities let us complete a complimentary Property Maintenance list for your home! We are on call 24/7 giving you peace of mind.

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Luxury Real Estate Maintenance Services

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